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Leslie DarcyIn Leslie Darcy’s debut novel, she weaves a tale of intrigue and passion and explores the ageless themes of jealousy, greed and desire. “I have always been fascinated by Knights and the stories that arose from that time period. The idea that chivalry, honor and duty were words to live by always seemed very romantic to me. I hope that I’ve given the readers a sense of this while at the same time providing a mystery to solve.” When she is not strolling the grounds of the Renaissance Festivals in her royal garb, Leslie can be found at home in New Jersey with her husband, Anthony and their five pets.

In addition to her writing, Leslie is an accomplished actress who has appeared in dozens of stage productions with The Bergen County Players and other NJ area community theaters. Most recently, her peformance in "The Female Odd Couple" earned her a Perry nomination for Lead Actress as Olive.

Letter from the Author:

My Dearest Lords and Ladies,

I would be remiss were I not to thank the countless number of people who have given unselfishly of their time and talents to help see this novel come to fruition. I am forever indebted to Frank Avellino for his time and dedication in designing the cover. Special thanks to my webmaster, Jeff Klein, for his tireless efforts in creating my website. Thank you to James at Long Dash Publishing for thy assistance. Thank you to the Lords and Ladies in my life who inspire me daily and whose quality of character appears in this novel whether they realize it or not. To my parents, I thank thee for thy love and inspiration. To my test readers, Maureen & Andy Pacucci, Linda & Tom Morrissey, Joe & Renee Vaccaro, Gene and Jeanmarie Sullivan and Bill Macchio, my deepest thanks for such glowing praise. Thy support is a treasured gift and my heart holds regions that belong to only you. To Anthony, my champion of causes, protector of virtue and bravest of Knights, your loyalty is unwavering. Thank thee, My Lord.

Lady Leslie
August 2006

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